My Top 5 Healthy Snacks

It’s only human to crave a sweet or savoury snack once in a while. Unfortunately snacks such as chips and gummy bears are packed with calories, fats and sugars. For this reason, I try to stay away from snacks like these and go for healthier alternatives. Below I have listed my top five healthy snacks. I am not a health expert but can guarantee you that an apple is better for you than a handful of Doritos.



  1. Rice crackers

This snack is my personal favourite. Its light and super tasty. All it takes are two or three rice crackers to satisfy your cravings and fill you until the next proper meal. Additionally, they’re available in so many different flavours: cheese, BBQ or chocolate. Whenever I’m in the mood for chocolate, I’ll have some chocolate covered rice crackers instead. Way healthier and just as yummy!



  1. Dried fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are a not only a great snack but also a good source of energy. They’re the perfect thing to eat before working out. They’re also good for the brain, so if you want to chew on something while studying these should be your go-to. My favourite nuts are almonds, cashews and pecans. When you mix them with cranberries, the contrast of the sweet and savoury is absolutely delicious. Avoid eating peanuts though since they aren’t healthy at all. 



  1. Fruit

Fruits are great for any season. Whether it be bananas, strawberries, watermelons, mandarins, peaches or mangoes. They’re full of vitamins and therefore super healthy. Cut different types of fruit and put them together on a plate for when you’re watching television and snack on them instead of M&Ms. A great tip to make fruit even tastier during summer is to eat watermelon with pieces feta cheese and honey melon with parma ham.



  1. Vegetables

Vegetables don’t only have to be eaten cooked. Cucumbers, bell peppers and carrots taste just as great raw. In my opinion, they taste even better this way. You can eat raw vegetables in a salad or by dunking them in a dip sauce. A plate of chopped vegetables with a dip sauce is also a great finger food option for parties.



  1. Crispbread

Last but not least is crisp bread. It’s just as crunchy as chips but way healthier. It can be eaten with cheese, cream cheese, ham, peanut butter or just plain. I like to eat crispbread as an alternative to bread. It’s available in several variations like multi-grain and sesame. My personal favourite kind is sesame. Have a look at your local supermarket to see which one you’ll like best.

I really hope my favourite healthy snacks inspired you to put down the chocolate chip cookies and eat a bit healthier! If you liked this post, please share it with your family and friends.




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